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Who we are

London College of Acupuncture and Natural Medicine LTD (LCANM), Company number 14715022


58b Crawford street,London, W1H4JW
Email: info@darrenr64.sg-host.com

Cancellation and Returns policy

We hope you are happy. We are committed to providing you with good quality products or courses.

If, however you do decide to change your mind, please be aware of the following conditions:


For online enrollments, we provide a 14-day cancellation period from the day after the course has been purchased.

Should you decide not to do the course, please contact our us on info@darrenr64.sg-host.com. Please include the course or product and your contact details so we can deal with the query efficiently.

Please see Course Terms and Conditions below for further information.

Course Terms and Conditions


A LCANM Certificate will be issued to a student who:

  • Has attended at least 90% of all the lectures and practical classes or for online students has completed all online modules/exams and
  • Always adheres to the Student Rules of the LCANM.
  • Has passed the necessary exams.

2. FEES:

All students are required to pay the course fee in full with enrollment. A student, whose fees fall into arrears in any capacity at LCANM, will not be permitted to continue the LCANM-study, take examinations nor graduate until the fees are paid.


Course access to the student website and online platform is limited to 1 year. After this period course access will automatically cease.


  1. LCANM Courses cannot be cancelled once you have started them. No refund is possible on these courses.
  2. Courses for which a student is enrolled on but has not yet started can be cancelled up to two months prior to the course commencement date. If this occurs, the student will receive a refund of any course fees received by the College for that specific course. If the course is not cancelled with sufficient notice the student will still be liable for the course fees.
  3. If a student enrolls less than two months before the course commencement date and there will be no refund of any course fees paid.
  4. For online Courses purchased through the online shop or paid for over the telephone, there is a 14-day cooling off period. Should a student want to cancel this online course and has commenced within this 14-day cooling off period, a proportion of fees will be charged and the balance refunded. Thereafter a refund is not possible.
  5. All cancellations are to be in writing from one party to the other.
  6. The above apply to the LCANM as well as the Student.
  7. In the unlikely event that a course is cancelled by the college, the full course fee will be refunded.


The deferral of courses is not possible.


Whilst the course upon which you enroll is regarded by us as purely beneficial to you and that every effort is made to ensure that the course is conducted in a manner which is entirely safe, LCANM cannot be held responsible for any injury incurred during that course, or other harmful consequence arising during or after the course and in signing this form you express agreement that neither during the course, nor at any time thereafter, will you hold LCANM responsible for any such injury or harmful consequence. If you choose to consume any of the food or drink that is provided to you, in class, as part of your course or event, you agree to absolve LCANM of any liability or responsibility for any allergic or adverse reaction that may occur from their consumption. If you have any known allergies, please make them known to the lecturer or direct organiser before food or drink preparation has begun.


Whilst we do everything possible to follow the relevant regulations set by the respective governing bodies in terms of maintaining accreditation for our courses, we cannot be held liable for changes outside our control, where the rules or laws are changed by the respective governing bodies.