What is master tung Acupuncture?

The teachings of Master Tung acupuncture were, until recently, preserved through oral tradition, believed to originate from the Han dynasty (206 CE – 220 CE). The final heir of this lineage, Master Tung Ching Ch’ang, born in 1916 in Pingdu, is regarded as one of the most eminent acupuncturists in history. Prior to the communist revolution, the transmission of knowledge in Chinese medicine, as well as in other domains of Chinese culture like martial arts and Feng Shui, was predominantly through family lineages, from master to disciple.

Master Tung Acupuncture is recognized as a remarkable system, renowned for its efficacy and often yielding immediate clinical outcomes, especially in pain management. Contrary to some methodologies that needle the afflicted area, Tung Acupuncture employs distal points, often far from the pain site. For instance, points effective for neck pain are located on the Achilles tendon. Typically, the more distal the points, the greater their clinical efficacy. After distal insertion of needles, patients can be requested to move the painful area to assess any change. This approach allows for immediate observation of symptom alteration upon needle insertion, eliminating the need to wait until the next visit to evaluate the treatment’s effectiveness.

A distinctive aspect of Tung acupuncture is ‘pricking’ or blood-letting, which can quickly alleviate conditions like fever, blood stagnation, and paradoxically, blood deficiency by releasing a few drops of blood. Diagnosis in this system heavily relies on palmistry and face reading. Rooted in Dui Ying, or correspondence, this system, in alignment with Taoist principles, allows for the treatment and understanding of the entire system by observing or treating one part of the body. Exploring these family systems can be highly beneficial, and utilizing them in treating our patients is the optimal way to preserve these ancient traditions and alleviate suffering.

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