What is cultivation?

The practice of acupuncture is both an art and a science. It is vital to master our craft – to learn the theories, practices and proficiency with the tools of our trade. However, the effectiveness of our treatments is greatly enhanced by inner cultivation – this is the art.

Inner cultivation develops and hones the qualities of presences required to hold space and create possibilities for healing to happen.

This inner development utilises different methods to profoundly change the practitioner allowing them to resonate with the medicine and transmit that healing intent to the patient.

Personal cultivation is emphasised in the Classics as a hallmark of a ‘superior physician’. However this is often overlooked in modern day Chinese medical training – which privileges only an intellectual approach over an embodied understanding of the medicine.

Cultivation is therefore the missing link between theory and the ability to create real and lasting change. This applies to ourselves as well as our patients. We can take our patients only as far as we have gone.

Cultivation syllabus

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is an ancient system of exercise to develop and promote health, well-being and longevity. Qigong is the practice of working with the body's "qi" or vital energy and is essential whether your goal is to use that just for developing your own personal good health, or working with others as a practitioner.

cultivation mentorship

Online group sessions exploring the alchemical development of the practitioner every two weeks.


Meditation is a way to understand and calm the mind, freeing us from being buffeted around like a boat on the ebbs and tides of emotions. We will focus on simple and profound exercises that are found at the root of all the eastern traditions. The same concepts are found in India, Tibet and China traditions. 

other internal cultivation practices

Study and practice of other methods, like nei dan, yijin jing and xu sui jing


practical hands on training in classical medicine, master tung, nutrition, daoist arts, practitioner cultivation and clinical training.

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