What Makes our course Unique?

We are presenting, for the first time, a very distinctive training program by teaching the 5 channel systems of daoist classical acupuncture. They have never been taught as part of a primary training program before and using these 5 channels enables us as practitioners to have the most comprehensive set of tools available.

In the East, acquiring knowledge in acupuncture traditionally didn’t involve learning in large institutions. Knowledge was preserved and transmitted within lineages, where a more personalized method of teaching was employed.

This program is structured around a traditional apprenticeship model, focusing on the transfer of knowledge and skills. Once participants have refined their skills to an advanced level, they will have the opportunity to further polish them at our specialized apprenticeship clinic.

We have also observed that a majority of acupuncture training providers do not emphasize the importance of profound self-inquiry. In our program, self-cultivation and self-development are pivotal. We strongly believe that continuous internal growth enables us to profoundly serve our patients, often resulting in remarkable healing breakthroughs in our clinics.

the 5 channel systems of daoist acupuncture

The 5 channel systems of daoist classical acupuncture have never been taught as part of a primary training program before. This way of approaching Chinese medicine allows us to have the most comprehensive set of tools as a practitioner.

jin jing

pain and muscle

LUO mai


Jing Luo

12 meridians

jing bie

Chronic health

qi jing ba mai


Leading Experts & Practical Learning​

The course will be delivered by highly experienced practitioners who run very successful clinics in their own right. 

This course is designed to be hands-on, emphasizing practical clinical skills and offering the unique opportunity to learn from leading experts through observation and direct experience.

Our overall approach also gives you a complete system to nourish yourself and the lives of others. Yang Sheng is the foundation of Chinese medicine. 

We firmly believe that the process that students will go through will be an alchemical one, fostering profound and enduring development in both the practitioners and the patients they will subsequently care for.

Fully Accredited Course

The course is fully accredited by The Acupuncture Society, one of the leading associations for Chinese medicine practitioners in the UK. this will enable graduates to gain membership and insurance and practice legally in the UK.

"In the past people practiced the tao, the way of life. They understood the principle of balance, of yin and yang, as represented by the transformation of the energies of the universe"

Huangdi neijing


practical hands on training in classical medicine, master tung, nutrition, daoist arts, practitioner cultivation and clinical training.

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